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अहमस्मि योधः I am a fighter | Vedic Accessories for the fighter within you | Om Studs , Bracelet , Anklets , Mala

Om is an ancient mantra representing the power of being infinite. ‘Om’, ‘Aum’, or ‘Ohm’ is considered a sacred sound of the universe in Hinduism. When pronounced, Om creates divine vibrations that further energize the body’s chakras, especially the crown chakras and the third eye. It ultimately helps us connect with our own divine energy.


Nowadays many people are even seen wearing the Om symbol in the form of jewelry to bring positivity to their life. Meanwhile, it is believed that wearing the Om symbol calms down your senses, relieves tension, as well as generates awakening and consciousness. 

From Om pendants for both men and women to Om bracelets for men, there are many options to adorn your daily outfits with this spiritual symbol. Here are certain ways you can incorporate Om symbol to your daily life: